A seemingly fictional non-fiction love story with a psychedelic twist.

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Together by Ren Koi 


5 Stars – Amazon review
Extraordinary Love by Amazon customer
Two words sum up this book: ‘Extraordinary’ and ‘Love’. Extraordinary because the story is outside the realms of reason and intelligibility, and Love because Love is the story’s central theme. I thoroughly enjoyed both the heartwarming tale and the message, and I will definitely be recommending it to (and buying it for) friends and family.

5 Stars – Amazon review
Human, real and endearing by Kate Lambert
A down to earth, readable and approachable story about a mans encounter with ayahuasca. This story doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t just honest and real. I have read lots of tales of people taking aya- many of which are sensational stories because they were either deeply harrowing or earthmovingly cosmic. This is a journey that you could really expect to find in the arms of the mother; human, real and endearing. Thankyou for writing a book which extends its arms to the masses (or sue at number 28) who just might embark on the journey of a life time because they felt that something in your tale.

5 Stars – Amazon review
The Power Of Love by B Hemming
I can highly recommend this book..for all the ‘seekers’ out there….what are we searching for?…..is it not Love?
As humans we are full of fear….is fear not a call for love?
Beautifully written book coming from the heart.
I really felt his desperation to align the human with the being.
Transmuting fear into love.
That is the POWER of love.
This book is a gift to humanity.

5 Stars – Amazon review
A gripping read for all on the journey of love by Amazon customer
An eye opening for the open minded book. The author has beautifully shared his journey and learning, with love being apparent. Definitely a recommended read!