We are all suffering with The Spiritual Malady to a greater of lesser degree. We all feel a sense of dis-ease bordering on despair at times.

We all want to be happy but to enjoy lasting happiness, first we must attain peace of mind.

Ren Koi explains exactly how you can attain peace of mind and enjoy lasting happiness via ten simple lessons.

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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

A willingness to change is a gift and a new way of living is possible. The Spiritual Malady: How to Attain Peace of Mind and Lasting Happiness by Ren Koi is an uplifting and thought-provoking book that gives ten simple lessons to benefit readers who are looking for positive transformation in their lives. The book is about being courageous in looking at character defects that can cause blocks and keep people in the same conditioned patterns of behavior. Following the ten simple tools is useful to all those who find life difficult and challenging, want peace of mind and happiness, and want to change themselves. The book aims to help readers to attain the peace of mind and happiness that comes with change.

The insights in The Spiritual Malady: How to Attain Peace of Mind and Lasting Happiness by Ren Koi are profound and will motivate readers to examine themselves and make positive changes by detaching from the desires, aversions, and ignorance of the ego-mind. The author’s approach to a relevant topic is fresh. The strategies and definitions are not complicated and can be incorporated and practiced in life. What connects readers with the book is the author’s personal stories and experiences which will motivate them towards healing humanity. Books like this are helpful and useful in current times when the challenges in society are becoming greater and when readers know they need to be strong mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Reviewed by Arrowyn Ambrose: www.arrowyn.com

Ren Koi has a beautiful and highly articulate way of weaving together Buddhism and Christianity, among others, with Alcoholics Anonymous’s Program of Recovery into a very thought-provoking and compassionate plea for presence as an antidote to suffering. His understanding of substance use disorders and compulsive behaviour and ability to highlight the complexity of internal causes while giving real solutions based on his own lived experience are what make his book and AA so potent and powerful; one alcoholic helping another. I hope his work gets on the lists of suggested readings for recovery because I believe his experience, strength, and hope can greatly benefit others, and is doing so as we speak. Thank you, Ren, for putting yourself out there to help others. That is the mark of true service. And as we know, being of service is the key to long sobriety and happiness.

Reviewed by J.G. MacLeod for goodreads.com

I just finished reading Ren Koi’s book, The Spiritual Malady, which was certainly published at an opportune time. With many communities in lockdown, and more people describing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and despair than ever before, the calm, down-to-earth tone of this book makes it the perfect read to put things into perspective.

First, the writing flows, and is well edited/constructed. This allows an ease of communication I found pleasing. I didn’t have to struggle to understand the message, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Second, despite the friendly language and ease of understanding, the ideas behind the words are insightful. There is a self-awareness in the author that has developed over time. I loved how attainable the author’s suggestions are. This isn’t complicated stuff, really, but people need to have an inner motivation to achieve the lasting peace described in each step.

Third, I believe the type of change detailed in the book is possible, as I also create change in my own life through steps. To transform instantly creates pressure, but doing it in the manner Ren Koi describes is empowering. We can all achieve lasting peace and transformation if we change ourselves, one step at a time.

5 stars for an insightful read.