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Is there such a thing as coincidence, or is every coincidence really a God-instance; synchronistic events orchestrated by a Higher Power? Ren Koi explores these phenomena in relation to spiritual awakening and to finding meaning and purpose in life. The book also discusses the potential role of psychedelic drugs in awakening mankind to the interconnectedness of our lives, which cannot be explained by scientific reasoning.

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5 Star Amazon review by Amazon customer: What a coincidence

I came across this book by complete chance and it has made me seriously question the nature of coincidences and synchronicity in my life. Not only was it very informative around substance and behavioural addictions, and their connection to spirituality, but the authors personal stories, and those of his friends, were really heart-warming. Reading Anonymous God has left me with a lot of questions around my purpose and finding meaning in my life, and has also made me question the existence of a Higher Power, which is what I think the author intended. I highly recommend this book for anyone who’s into philosophy, spirituality, or just looking for an informative read that will expand their minds.

5 Star Amazon review by Mrs Amber Haslam: For anyone who’s “waking up” and wanting to find deeper meaning to life…

I loved this book, I relate to so many of the stories of synchronicity, and it was so refreshing to find out it wasn’t just me who experienced these kind of things, and that there was a certain “sub-plot” to life to which I felt more affinity with, and a deeper connection to. All of which was confirmed within this book.

5 Star Amazon review by ShellyD: Follow your heart, and you will be guided

Wow, this book blew my mind. I came across it through synchronicity with the author, and realised I was right where I was supposed to be when reading it. This is a must read for anyone exploring recovery, faith in the spiritual sense, or anyone that enjoys the miracles of journeying through life exploring those WOW moments that connect us to each other and our next steps on our adventure. Thank you Ren Koi for opening my heart to continue on this path.