All Is One will be published in March 2022 by O-Books from John Hunt Publishing.

Despite centuries of analyses and debates between scientists and philosophers, consciousness remains puzzling and controversial. It is the most familiar yet mysterious aspect of our lives. There might be different levels of consciousness, or different kinds of consciousness, or just one kind with different features. Modern research into the human brain is yet to provide conclusive answers, and we don’t know if animals, insects or plants are conscious, or even the universe itself.

The contrasting range of research suggests that a new approach might be needed – one that includes both an objective scientific view and a subjective philosophical and spiritual view – in order to unlock the mystery. This book investigates how consciousness fits into a larger picture of the universe by exploring what science, philosophy, religion, and spirituality has to say on the matter, and offers a conclusive definition of consciousness that might satisfy both the scientifically oriented and spiritually oriented reader.

Reviewed by David Essel, M. S., O.M., Counselor, and author of the number one best-selling book: Focus! Slay your goals.

I love the messages in Ren Koi’s new book, and the meaning that stood out for me personally was, it’s time to wake up. So many of us, including myself at times, are living life fast asleep. Daydreaming. Contemplating the time that we will get sober, find happiness, find inner peace, and find contentment. Yet, we wake up again, get on the hamster wheel of life looking forward to the weekend. So sad. So true. So sad. Did I also say it’s so true? Combining scientific facts, personal experiences, and a willingness to try someone else’s way… Yes a full surrender, are also powerful messages from this book. And if you are lucky enough to be ‘awake’ by the time you get to the weekend, you might do something like skydiving… Or forgive someone who has hurt you… Or, as Ren writes in his book, we might take some time to look into our child or our pet’s eyes and see the reality of life: they are fully living where we so desire to be, they are fully present in this moment. Grab the book. Now. But read it, very, very slowly. Mindfully. It’s time to change your life.

Reviewed by The Addiction Doctor, Dr Robb Kelly

All I can say about ‘All Is One’ is WOW, what a great book. As a person who has been in the world of recovery for 30+ years, it goes straight to the heart of the “missing piece” for most alcoholics and addicts. It is a spiritual malady and as humans we scream out to fill that spiritual part of us which in these modern times can be difficult to achieve. Some people may think spirituality and science are at odds with one another – who says SO?!?!?! They are both important and both are needed to make the most of this human experience. Thank you Ren for pulling this together in such an eloquent and meaningful way.

Reviewed by Poet, Jyoti Devi

Ren allows us to see the complexity of consciousness as a single thread connecting spirituality, philosophy, religion and science, via a personal and honestly written perspective. There is something in this book that we can all learn from, which I imagine may vary for all of us. All Is One shines a light on everyday consciousness where you’re not just accepting it but questioning it. If you can find yourself overwhelmed by the state of the world, lose yourself in these pages and you might just discover a connection within all of it laid bare before your eyes. Each chapter invites you to explore a new realm of consciousness for yourself. Whatever your beliefs, it’s easy to appreciate the patterns of connectedness observed and shared here by Ren. Insightful and thought provoking – I highly recommend the read!

Reviewed by Life Coach and Host of the Funky Brain Podcast, Dennis Berry

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Ren on my Funky Brain Podcast and I have also been on his podcast, Life in Recovery. We have become great friends even though we live 5000 miles apart. That is because we share a common purpose, which is to help other people struggling from alcoholism and addiction, but ultimately to achieve “Emotional Sobriety.” Ren has humbly dedicated his life to this and he is a fine example of somebody who embodies altruistic principles. That being said, his 5th book, All Is One, is the perfect tool for anybody looking to enhance their spirituality, or for someone who isn’t quite sure what’s out there, but is a seeker and looking for answers. I must admit, when I started reading it I thought it was a little deep for me, but the way he ties addiction in with science and spirituality is brilliantly enlightening and encouraging. My favorite concept that he draws upon is how, throughout history, humans have created hundreds of different religions and sects which have influenced billions of people (for better or for worse)… but ultimately, in the end, the truth is that there is only one underlying reality, which leads to the title of this masterpiece: All Is One. This book is full of carefully researched facts and theories about addiction, psychedelics, recovery principles, and of course, meditation, God and spirituality that will satisfy even the greatest critics, but is also grounded in Ren’s worldly experience as a traveller, athlete, DJ, and most recently, a family man. So, anybody can relate to his story and apply the principles he is sharing into their lives with ease. This is a great read. Highly recommended. Five Stars.