Few people are fully aware that we are at the beginning of a mental health crisis and addiction epidemic across the world.

It is Ren Koi’s belief that we might halt the addiction epidemic by treating emotional disorder with The Twelve Step Program, and thus prevent the onset of mental illness that people attempt to medicate with addictive substances and damaging behaviours.

Part autobiography, part philosophy and part educational tool, the book advocates the implementation of Twelve Step classes in schools. If you hope for a better future for our children and you are interested in self-improvement, this book is for you.


5 Stars – Amazon review
A viable solution by Bobby D
A wonderful book about addressing modern day addiction with the 12 Step program. Lots of apt quotes from various spiritual books and teachers all in one place. Included are facts and figures from various research agencies tied together with the authors own heartfelt words. I would highly recommend for anyone new to recovery, those who have been in recovery for a while, and those who aren’t in recovery but would like to understand what it’s all about. Well worth a read!

5 Stars – Amazon review
Very Interesting read by Amazon Customer
An informative and interesting read for anyone interested in addiction
and/or dealing with it. The author makes very informative observations
and comments based on their own experiences, which are backed up by
relevant case studies. A very interesting read.

5 Stars – Amazon review
Highly recommended by MISS J M BROWN
Easy to follow and makes great use of the 12 step programme. Really
useful if your are suffering from/recovering from/ living with
somebody that has an addiction or mental health problem. Well worth a
read and easy to relate to both the authors experiences and the case
studies used.

5 Stars – Amazon review
Excellent book for a recovering alcoholic by Anonymous
I was recommended to read this book to help me as a newly recovering
alcoholic. Almost immediately I was gripped and could not put the book
down. I felt as it is had been written specifically for me. It was up
to date and full of common sense and great ideas. Clearly a huge
amount of research has gone into the preparation of the book which is
full of quotes and references to numerous people – many of whom
sharing a similar recovery journey. I can highly recommend this book
to anyone wanting to understand the 12-step program, and in particular
the thinking that such programs could and should be part of the
educational curriculum. A great read.

5 Stars – Amazon review
A Rude Awakening by Pops
This book is a must read. It is forward thinking and very informative.
The principles and steps suggested in the book are profoundly correct
and will be extremely useful to the younger generation as they
struggle to live in our changing society. I personally learnt a lot
about addiction and mental illness and now realise just how important
it is for the world to wake up to these serious illnesses and the
devastation they are causing to people on a daily basis. Thanks Ren
Koi for waking me up.