Asking for help when circumstances become difficult or dangerous takes lots of courage.

The spiritual journey of continual change is hard and often painful. Most people stop their

journey as quickly as they can – well before they have a spiritual awakening – because they

are overwhelmed by fear. Building strength and the courage to overcome our fears is an

integral part of the process of change.

- Ren Koi

The feeling of love is connection with oneself, others, and a Higher Power.

The demonstration of love is selfless service; helping people with no thought of praise or

reward. The most important thing in life is to learn how to spread love and share love,

and to be able to accept love. Without love, we are like frogs with broken legs, birds with

broken wings, and dolphins with broken fins. Love is the only way to stay alive

after you’re dead – as you live on in people’s hearts and minds. My simple message

for humanity is: learn to connect, or else pass away slowly in separation and isolation.

- Ren Koi

I woke up one morning following six months of daily meditation. I had a temporary union with ‘Reality’.

My mind had switched off. The incessant ‘mental chatter’ had ceased. I was still able to

formulate thoughts, but there was no longer any ‘fuzz.’ I knew only clarity and peace. I was

present in the Now. I experienced each waking moment from the perspective of

Witness – in the same way I observe the mind-stream during meditation. I felt

consistently serene and sporadically blissful as I remained in this state of consciousness for four days.

I had awakened from ‘the dream’ and I was experiencing ‘verity’ for the first time.

- Ren Koi

I am certain this ego deflation can happen to anyone, usually when we least expect it...

but there has to be an initial desire to change for the phenomenal depth of change to occur.

Once my ego was deflated just enough to let God into my life, even though I was

a fairly self-disciplined, ambitious, successful and functioning alcoholic, I was

suddenly awakened to the chaos of my emotional life and my unmanageability.

- Ren Koi

Was I losing my mind?

I wondered if I would remember any of these lessons and revelations the next day?

Mother’s mantra was still chanting in my mind, detached from my own thoughts, “Hello, how are you? I love you,” on repeat.

- Ren Koi


Life in Recovery is a movement that encourages people through publications, podcasts, and social media outlets, to help others in acts of selfless service. Our motto is: helping people to help people.

Love is an action. By doing things for people with no expectation of praise or reward, it shows them that you care. This might be as simple as picking up the phone and asking someone, “How are you today?”

We are in the midst of a global mental health crisis and addiction epidemic. Many people all over the world feel disconnected and isolated. The antidote is connection and unity with love through service. Without love, we are like frogs with broken legs, birds with broken wings, and dolphins with broken fins.

To halt the advancement of mental health issues and substance and behavioural addictions, we must go against our often selfish instinctual drives and pick up the phone to call a loved one, help a neighbour with some chores, offer a hand to a work colleague, or be charitable to a stranger in need.

Life in Recovery as a brand represents a call to humanity, to spread love and share love, and to learn to accept love. This begins with you in your home and at work, then advances outward to your wider community.